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Why I Blog


People blog for a wide variety of motivations.  And as a result, the blogosphere has taken on a dizzying array of purposes and products.  Some blog because they want to chronicle their lives and the lives of those around them.  Some blog to share insights and ideas about politics and the surrounding culture.  Some blog because they want to be heard.  Some blog because they want to be famous.  Some blog because they think they have something to say and so others may as well have the chance to hear it.  Still others blog because they have too much time on their hands and don’t know what else to do with their lives.  Blogging is a popular pastime and they might as well jump on the bandwagon and join the fray.

For most, it is probably a complex and varied combination of all these reasons and more.

But in thinking over the question, it strikes me, it might be a good idea to ask myself, “Why do I actually blog?”

Here’s a first pass at an answer:

First and foremost, I blog because I am a writer.  But I do not write to be published, to become famous, or even to have something to post on my blog.  I write because I have to, because it is a calling.  Something—or perhaps it’s better to say Someone—deep within compels me to write.

Whereas some use conversation, others use silent reflection, and still others use art and music to clarify their thoughts, most of the time, I use writing.  It helps me process and understand what I’m thinking and feeling about God, His word, His world, myself, and others.  It’s also an opportunity to play around with words.  While others like to play Pokemon Go©, with their friends, their guitar, or their voice, I like to play with words.  Believe it or not, it’s almost a form of entertainment, bringing genuine joy and a profound sense of satisfaction.

I also blog because it makes public what was once only private.  There is a hope that the things written would be used by God to offer help, encouragement, and insight for those who want and need it.  Ultimately, and above all else, I blog as an offering to God, that He might somehow be honored and glorified.