Leaving Behind a Lasting Legacy

Now that I am a grandfather twice over, I’ve been thinking more about the Christian legacy I will leave behind when my life is finally over. Who will carry the torch of Christ’s salvation to the generations that follow? What will the children of my children’s children care about and contribute to society? What kind of people will they be? Will they come to know, love, and serve the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength?

Sadly, many people in our world today question the value of children. Perhaps they are only consumers who will produce a larger carbon footprint, an inconvenient and expensive drain upon the earth and our personal time and resources; or maybe they are just the unfortunate and unintended “product” of an erotic sexual act. In beautiful contrast, Solomon rightly calls children a precious gift and a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3).

Against the growing contemporary resistance in some parts of the world to having children, the push for progeny in many parts of Asia is so strong it can even overshadow the significance of God’s greater purpose for our lives. Part of this push is the ancient social security system ensuring that parents are cared for in their old age. But it is much deeper than mere pragmatics. The passion to pass on one’s bloodline and family name suggests that I can somehow live forever vicariously through my physical progeny. This assumption and drive can eclipse other much more important factors for determining whether or not one’s life is well-spent.

I’m grateful that my parents gave me physical life, but infinitely more grateful that they imparted spiritual and eternal life by sharing and living out before me the gospel of Jesus Christ. And as grateful and delighted as I am that God blessed us with children and now grandchildren, they did not come into the world to justify my significance or pass on my DNA and family name. Nor did they arrive to ensure I am cared for when I’m old. In fact, their purpose is far greater.

Like my parents before me, my highest hope and prayer is to leave behind a legacy that runs deeper and longer than mere flesh and blood, a legacy recognizing that the family of God transcends material genetics and has an unbreakable bond that holds fast for all eternity. Our adoption into God’s family demonstrates that spiritual offspring are infinitely more important than merely physical ones.

The lasting legacy I want to leave behind is one where people come to know, love, and serve God well because I knew, loved, and served Him well. Thus, while physical progeny are glorious gifts from God, leaving behind an everlasting heritage of passionate followers of Jesus Christ is by far the greater privilege, higher calling, and deeper desire. May He use us powerfully for this much loftier and lasting legacy.


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