What’s the worst that can happen?


There is, as I write, a bill in the California state legislature authored by openly gay legislator Ricardo Lara, that will require (among other things) that all Christian universities in California to allow same-sex married couples to not only attend, but also live in married student housing.  Failure to do so would open the schools to discrimination lawsuits and the loss of millions of dollars in public funds.  Many think this type of legislation is only the beginning of a tsunami of cultural changes coming to the American landscape in the next few years.

It’s honestly hard to say where this particular legislation will go from here—into law or into the trash.  If, however, the example and trajectory of Canada on these matters is any indication, it’s likely that at least some legislatively punitive measures will eventually be brought against Christian schools, organizations, churches, and even individuals who refuse to accept homosexuality as a morally commendable lifestyle.

Although we were never truly a Christian nation, from the perspective of history, Christianity in America has enjoyed unprecedented favor and cultural influence for significant portions of her history.  Perhaps that time has passed.  It’s hard to say for sure.  Regardless, it is likely American society will, for quite some time, continue to enjoy the Christian moral capital it has previously been infused with, but as history shows time and time again, God’s moral patience will not last forever.

I pray public legislative censure against Christianity for refusing to endorse homosexual behavior will never come to pass in America, but there are worse things that can happen to Christian schools, organizations, churches, and individuals than losing social acceptance and state and federal funds.  And there are even worse things that can happen than being shut down, incarcerated, and killed.

The worst thing that can happen for Christians is to forsake their Lord and compromise their calling just to retain some tattered vestige of public praise and cultural power.  Christianity’s power does not come from the accolades of societal approval and respect from those who don’t love God.  It’s a power that at its weakest is stronger than the strength of men, and it comes only from being faithful to Jesus Christ, no matter what the cost.  To know the supernatural power of His resurrection, we must be willing to suffer humiliation and shame.  We must be willing to die with Christ.  There is no other way.


2 thoughts on “What’s the worst that can happen?

  1. LynnRae Dupree

    Just reread this post and the one prior. Thank you Lewis for putting these important Biblical truths into words that I can use in my conversations with others in my relational world, both Believers and those who are not.


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